Dance Teacher Gift Ideas

Dance Teacher Gift Ideas

Dance Teacher Gift Ideas

If you're looking for dance teacher gifts, little ballet Christmas gifts, or a thank you card for your dance teacher following an exam, performance or competition, you'll love the selection here at PDE Dance Supplies...

So what do dance teachers really want for Christmas? Take a look at our top 7 dance teacher gift ideas below (we’re dance teachers ourselves, so trust us… we know!)

Dance Teacher Gift Ideas

Read on below for more dance teacher gift ideas, or why not browse our full selection of dance teacher gifts...

Dance Teacher Gift Idea 1

Thoughtful thank you Cards

As a dance teacher, some of the nicest gifts I have ever receive were hand written thank you cards from student or parents. A personal, heart felt message of thanks really is one of our most treasured gifts - that and the joy of seeing our students overcome challenges, learn and grow and excel in their dancing! Is there something in particular that you’ve enjoyed learning from your dance teacher this year? Pop it in a little message in a thank you card and you’re sure to make them smile! Take a look at our selection of thank you cards for dance teachers here.


Dance Teacher Gift Idea 2


As dance teachers, we tend to work long hours in the studio on evenings and weekends, and even longer days when rehearsal and performance season comes around. The love of dance keeps us buzzing and full of energy on those days… but caffeine helps too! A stylish insulated coffee cup makes a lovely gift. Or a gift card for your dance teacher’s favourite coffee shop! Or, your dance teacher might like celebrating and winding down after a successful dance show with a glass of their favourite wine (or other alcoholic drink of choice!)


Dance Teacher Gift Idea 3

Personalised or hand made gifts

It’s always lovely to receive a hand made or personalised gift. Some of my favourites over the years have been hand made cards, or framed ballet themed pictures. Your dance teacher will almost certainly put the cards or pictures up in their studio or at home, and think back with fond memories every time they see them!


Dance Teacher Gift Idea 4

Notebooks and pens

I write down so much as a dance teacher - ballet class plans, choreography and rehearsal notes, musical counts, diagrams of floor patterns and stage spacing, notes on students progress, notes from rehearsals and performances, new teaching methods to experiment with, ideas for my own classes inspired by watching other teachers at work… the list is almost endless! So why not treat your dance teacher to a new notebook and pen?...

Take a look at our dance notebooks and pens, or browse our full selection of dance teacher gifts.


Dance Teacher Gift Idea 5

New Dance Legwarmers And Warm Ups

As dance teachers, we switch between standing back and watching, and jumping in to demonstrate for our students all the way through classes and rehearsals. So it’s really important that we keep our muscles warm! It’s always great to receive new dance leg warmers, ballet warm up clothes or even dance warm up boots too. Browse our full selection of dance warm up clothes here.


Dance Teacher Gift Idea 6

Trendy dancewear

When it comes to dance teacher gifts, we love many of the same dance gifts as our younger (and often more stylish) students! From the latest trendy dancewear to beautiful ballet wrap skirts… if you’d love to wear it to the dance studio, the chances are your teacher might too!


Dance Teacher Gift Idea 7

Massage tools

After a long day of classes and rehearsals, dance teachers get sore and tired feet too! Why not treat your teacher to a Tendu foot roller? Or gift a foot roller together with a selection of spiky massage balls and a foam roller… it’s like a mini spa massage that we can enjoy at the end of each day of dance teaching! Take a look at our full selection of roller massagers and spiky massage balls for dancers.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 7 dance teacher gift ideas! Browse our full selection of dance teacher gifts today, and why not add a one of our thank you cards for dance teachers with a lovely hand written message.


If you’re looking for small gifts for dancers, or cheap dance gifts, you might like to take a look at our dance gift collections sorted by price below:

- Michael Berkin. 


This guide to the top gifts for dancers was written by PDE Dance Supplies co-founder, Michael Berkin.

Michael is a Royal Ballet School trained ex professional ballet dancer who performed with Royal New Zealand Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Northern Ballet. An experienced ballet teacher, Michael has taught at some of the UK’s most prestigious ballet schools including The Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst Ballet School, Northern Ballet Academy and more.

Michael is also a 'dance dad'. He and his wife, Kimberley have two young children of their own who love to dance and currently enjoy ballet and tap classes.