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Basic Ballet Barre

Enjoy this Basic Ballet Barre Video by Kimberley Berkin for free! - The Perfect Ballet Barre For Beginners!

This video includes basic ballet barre steps and a complete basic ballet barre run through accompanied by beautiful classical ballet music.

This Basic Ballet Barre is perfect for ballet beginners and more experienced ballet students will also find this video useful for improving their ballet basics too.

The barre is ideal for ballet beginners to practise in your own time at home or to help prepare for your ballet classes. More experienced ballet students might also find this video useful for a warm up barre.

Whether you are a ballet beginner, an experienced ballet student, or a ballet teacher, there is something for you in this ballet barre video. If you want to just run the ballet barre without the introductions between the exercises, you can fast forward to 23 minutes.

Basic Ballet Barre Video



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