Ballet Gift Ideas

Ballet Gifts

Welcome to our guide to the top 10 ballet gifts in 2022. If you’re looking for ballet gift ideas, you’ll love this list of the 10 most popular gifts for ballet dancers here at PDE Dance Supplies.

This list is based on the best selling items in 2022 from our full selection of gifts for dancers at PDE Dance Supplies…


Top 10 Ballet Gifts 2022

Our top 10 most popular ballet themed gifts for dancers in 2022 are…

Ballet Gift Idea 1

Ballet Class DVDs

Ballet Class DVDs

Perfect for practising to at home or in the studio, our selection of Ballet Class DVDs from Tips On Ballet Technique make ideal presents for ballet lovers.

Choose from the Ballet Class For Children DVD or the Complete Ballet Barre 3 DVD Disc Set. Or if you’re searching for ballet gifts for adults, take a look at the Ballet Class For Adults 3 DVD Disc Set.

All of the Tips On Ballet Technique DVDs are recorded by Royal Ballet School trained ex professional ballerina, Kimberley Berkin. Kimberley’s DVDs have been featured in the Dancing Times Magazine and have been enjoyed by ballet teachers and ballet dancers of all ages from all across the world.

Don't Use A DVD Player?...  If you no longer use a DVD player, why not take a look at our selection of Ballet Video Downloads? Play them on your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone! 


Ballet Gift Idea 2

Exercise Equipment For Dancers

dance exercise equipment

Dance exercise equipment is the ballet gift that keeps on giving!…

Help that special ballet dancer in your life to improve their flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, core strength and more with our selection of dance exercise equipment. At PDE Dance Supplies you’ll also find a great selection of follow along videos that you can watch for free to help you get the best out of the dance exercise equipment…

New for 2022: Take a look at our new Dance Exercise Equipment Bundles for the best value! 

Take a look at our most popular ballet exercise equipment below:


Stretch Loop For Dancers


Tendu Stretch Loop

This high quality Tendu stretch loop is a perfect gift for dancers who want to improve their flexibility, particularly in the side splits.


Tendu Foot Roller

Foot Roller

The beautifully crafted Tendu wooden foot roller is ideal for relieving tension underneath your feet and easing the knots from sore and tired foot muscles. It’s the perfect size to fit in your dance bag - take it with you to every dance class and enjoy a massaging foot-roll wherever you are. A perfect ‘stocking filler’ sized ballet Christmas present!


Turn Out Discs

With a free carry bag, the turn out discs are an ideal gift for ballet lovers - take them with you to the studio, or practice at home to strengthen your turnout muscles, improve your alignment in demi pliés, develop your control of turnout and more...



Wobble Board For Dancers

Balance board

This high quality wooden wobble board for ballet dancers (also known as a balance board) is an excellent tool to help dancers improve their core strength, ankle stability and more…


Dance Exercise Bands


Exercise Bans

By practising simple foot exercises with these dance exercise bands, ballet dancers will feel the benefit in much of their barre work, particularly in their battement tendus, glissés, jetés, demi pointe work, grand battements and more…

Dancers who wish to develop their allegro and preparing for pointe work will also benefit from improving the strength in their feet with these exercise bands. Why not take a look at our full selection of resistance bands for dancers, including extra long bands and other Progressing Ballet Technique equipment


Dance Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

This high quality small dance exercise ball is ideal for ballet students of all ages and levels and has a number of uses, including exercises for core stability. The ball inflates and deflates very quickly and will fit in your dance bag so you can exercise with it wherever you are.

We also stock a full selection of dance exercise balls, from the 55cm dance exercise ball up to 75cm dance exercise balls for PBT, Pilates and more. 



Ballet Gift Idea 3

Ballet Warm Up Clothes

Ballet Warm Up Clothes

Ballet warm up clothes make a lovely gift idea for ballet lovers of all ages. For a thoughtful but inexpensive gift, take a look at our selection of ballet leg warmers. or for a more premium gift, why not browse our dance warm up tops or full body dance warm ups.


Ballet Gift Idea 4

Ballet Books


Inside ballet technique dance book by valerie grieg


Our specially selected range of ballet books are ideal if you’re looking for ballet teacher gifts, or ballet gift ideas for teenage ballet students and adult ballet dancers.

Our best selling book, 'Inside Ballet Technique' by Valerie Grieg is packed full of anatomical knowledge, tips and ideas to help improve your ballet technique. We also stock the most popular books by world renowned master teacher, Eric Franklin.

Take a look at our full range of dance books here.


Ballet Gift Idea 5

Dance Warm Up Boots

Dance Warm Up Boots   

Dance warm up boots make perfect presents for ballet lovers. Also known as ‘warm up booties’, they are very popular with everyone from students and teachers to professional ballet dancers.

At PDE Dance Supplies we stock Bloch warm up boots in a variety of sizes and colours, or for premium ballet warm up booties, take a look at the Tendu warm up boots. Or for warm up booties that you can wear outdoors and keep your feet warm all the way to the dance studio, take a look at the latest edition to the Bloch collection: Bloch warm up boots with outdoor sole


Ballet Gift Idea 6

Ballet Bun Kit

Ballet Bun Kit

At PDE Dance Supplies we stock everything you need to create the perfect ballet bun and our ballet bun kits make a perfect little ballet gift.

A ballet bun kit is also an ideal choice if you’re looking for ‘stocking filler’ Christmas gifts for dancers of all ages!

Take a look at our full selection of hair accessories for dancers here.


Ballet Gift Idea 7

Limited Edition Ballet Wrap Skirts

Ballet Wrap Skirts

A ballet wrap skirt is an essential item for every serious ballet student or adult ballet dancer and ballet teachers love them too!

At PDE Dance Supplies we are delighted to stock the limited edition classical ballet wrap skirts by Maewear. Hand made in Yorkshire, each skirt in the range features a unique design and comes with a FREE matching bag. The skirts hang beautifully, accentuating your classical ballet line and the wrap over design makes them easily adjustable.

If you’re looking for unique ballet gifts, then looking no further… there are only a limited number of each Maewear design available and they do tend to sell out fast. Browse the full selection of ballet wrap skirts here.


Ballet Gift Idea 8

Ballet Bags


Ballet Bags


A ballet bag is a great gift idea for dancers of all ages. For young dancers, the mini tote bags or the little ballerina rucksacks are a popular choice. For older dancers or dance teachers we stock a range of stylish bags - perfect for carrying ballet shoes, warm ups, dance wear, water bottles and more…


Ballet Gift Idea 9

Little Ballerina Collection By Rachel Ellen


Ballet Gifts By Rachel Ellen


Rachel Ellen is a former professional dancer and an award winning designer. Rachel has created a gorgeous collection of ballet themed gifts which are ideal if you are looking for dance gifts for girls.

Choose from handy accessories for the ballet class including ballet bags, water bottles and tins for storing ballet bun hair accessories. Or, browse a lovely selection of stationery including ballerina colouring and sticker books, writing sets and thank you cards all featuring beautiful designs by Rachel Ellen.

Browse the full selection of Rachel Ellen ballet gifts here.


Ballet Gift Idea 10

Pointe Shoe Accessories

Starting on pointe is an exciting time for every ballerina. Whether the special dancer in your life is new to pointe work, or already dancing on pointe you’ll find a great selection of pointe shoe accessories at PDE Dance Supplies - ideal for little ‘stocking filler’ ballet Christmas gifts.

Choose from the pointe shoe sewing kit, advanced toe pads, pointe shoe ribbons and more.


Bonus Ballet Gift Ideas...

David Plumpton's Ballet Class Music CDs

David Plumpton Ballet Class CDs

David Plumpton is a world renowned classical ballet pianist who has accompanied some of the world’s most famous ballet companies. If the dancer in you life just loves to practise at home or in the studio, David’s CDs will make the perfect ballet gift for them - packed full of inspiring music to practise along with, there are over 25 of David’s fabulous albums to choose from here at PDE Dance Supplies.

David’s CDs are also very popular with ballet teachers who are looking for inspiring music to use in their ballet classes, making them ideal for dance teacher gifts… David has released a couple of music for tap classes CDs too!



We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our top 10 ballet themed dance gift ideas for 2022. For more ballet present ideas, don’t forget to take a look at our full selection of dance gifts here.

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This guide to the Top 10 Ballet Gifts for 2022 was written by Royal Ballet School trained ex professional ballet dancer, Michael Berkin.

Michael Berkin is a co-founder of the PDE Dance Supplies online dance shop. An experienced ballet teacher, Michael has taught at some of the UK’s most prestigious ballet schools including The Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst Ballet School, Northern Ballet Academy and more.

Michael is also a ‘dance dad’. He and his wife, Kimberley have two young children of their own who love to dance and currently enjoy ballet and tap classes.