How To Make A Perfect Ballet Bun

In this video Kimberley shares her top tips to make a perfect ballet bun. This easy to follow step by step video shows you exactly how to make a neat ballet bun including...

- Tips on what height to make the pony tail for your ballet bun

-  How to ensure that all of the hair for your ballet bun is gathered in the hairnet

- Top tips for how to use your pins to secure your ballet bun

- And more...

This ballet bun is ideal for ballet classes, ballet exams, ballet auditions and performances. 

All you need to make a perfect ballet bun is a hair band, hair net (not a bun net as Kimberley explains in the ballet bun video below), hair pins and hair grips. 

We hope you enjoy watching the ballet bun tips video and don't forget to check out our hair accessories for dancers, our ballet bun kits and our Ballet BUN-dle too!

How To Make A Perfect Ballet Bun - Ballet Bun Tips

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