Christmas Dance Gifts, Top 12 Christmas Gifts For Dancers In 2022

Christmas Dance Gifts, Top 12 Christmas Gifts For Dancers In 2022

Christmas Dance Gifts

Looking for Christmas Dance Gifts Ideas? You've come to the right place! Read on below, or skip ahead with the contents section:

Last Updated on 13th November, 2022

Christmas Dance Gifts 2022


It's that time of year again! Gifts, mince pies and more are appearing in the supermarket and us dance teachers are all go with rehearsals for the festive performance season...

Christmas shows, pantomimes and the Nutcracker season will be here before we know it.

This can only mean one thing... It’s nearly Christmas! 

If the idea of a crowded shopping spree around your local town, trying to find dance related gifts is not your idea of fun, then don't panic!

At PDE Dance Supplies, we specialise in gifts for dancers. 

In fact, we're dancers ourselves! We've also worked with hundreds of dance teachers, taught thousands of dance students of all ages and we have 2 young kids who love to dance too - so we know a little something about what dancers (and dance teachers) really want for Christmas!...


So sit back and grab a cup of tea, mulled wine or eggnog (why not - it's nearly Christmas after all!) and enjoy browsing our full selection of Christmas gifts for dancers from the comfort of your own home.

When you've chosen your perfect Christmas gifts, we'll have your order all wrapped up and delivered straight to your door in no time at all!

If you're looking for some new ideas and inspiration this Christmas, read on below for our hand picked lists of the top Christmas gifts for dancers in 2022... 


Christmas Dance Gift Ideas

We've hand picked the best Christmas dance gift ideas for you, from perfect little 'stocking filler' gifts to a collection of luxurious, hand made and limited edition gifts - ideal if you're looking for that special 'main present' for the dancer in your life this Christmas!


Our Top 12 'Stocking Filler' Christmas Gifts For Dancers in 2022 are:

Read on below to find out more about our top 12 stocking filler Christmas gifts for dancers in 2022...


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 1 :

Ballet Shoe Keyrings

These lovely ballet shoe keyrings would make an ideal little Christmas dance gift... A great 'stocking filler' these keyrings are the perfect size to add to your keychain or attach to your dance bag. Available in a variety of colours to suit every dancer,  from purple, red and lilac to 'ballet pink', glittery pink and more...

 A lovely little gift 'stocking filler' gift - attach your favourite coloured pointe shoe to your keychain or dance bag!


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 2:

Tendu Foot Roller

This high quality wooden foot roller from Tendu makes a great dance gift. It's also the perfect size to fit in your dance bag so you can take it with you to every dance class and enjoy a massaging foot-roll wherever you are!

The foot roller is particularly useful for dance students practicing lots of foot exercises or battement tendus and glissés in succession, where tension can build up underneath the feet.

The perfect size to carry in your dance bag, this is a great value stocking filler Christmas gift for dancers.


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 3:

Dance Books

Our selection of dance books would make great Christmas gifts for dancers of all ages and they're popular with dance teachers too. Discover our range of books on dance topics including:

  • Strength conditioning for dancers
  • Imagery to improve your dance performance and technique
  • Anatomy for dancers
  • Ballet technique
  • and more...

We also stock a range of specially selected books for dance teachers.

Give the gift of learning... discover new exercises or develop your knowledge and understanding of classical ballet technique even when the dance studio is closed for the Christmas holidays! 


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 4:


Dance Exercise Band

Dance exercise bands are a very useful gift that dancers will use again and again (in fact when I was growing up and training I would use my exercise band to strengthen my feet almost every day of the week!) Increased foot strength will help increase the height of your dance jumps and it's also great for dancers beginning on pointe.  

Available in medium, heavy or super heavy resistance, these bands are a perfect little gift to pop in your dance bag so you can work on strengthening your feet wherever you go! 

Why not browse our full range of resistance bands for dancers? Choose from extra long bands for PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique), stretch loop bands to help increase flexibility and more...


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 5:

Dance Leg Warmers 

If you're not sure what to buy the dancer in your life this Christmas then leg warmers are a great idea. Perfect for keeping your legs and ankles warm before and after dance classes, leg warmers are a great value dance gift. Choose from pink, black, charcoal and more, in a variety of styles.

A great value stocking-filler dance gift - perfect for keeping dancers' legs warm in the colder winter months!


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 6:

Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag Ballet Shoe Bag Pointe shoe bag Pointe Shoe Bag Navy 

Our range of ballet shoe bags make lovely little stocking filler gifts... especially for dancers who are about to start pointe work or those who are already practising on pointe.

With breathable mesh sides and an easy zip closure, the Tendu pointe shoe bag is our recommended choice. It's available in pink and comes in a Navy colour too - perfect for use as a boy's or men's ballet shoe bag!

If you're shopping on a budget, we also stock the tendu mesh ballet shoe bags. Available in black or white, this is a great value dance gift. Or for a one of a kind gift, take a look at the hand made ballet shoe bags by Maewear - a great accompaniment to the limited edition Maewear Ballet Skirts. 

New for Christmas 2022: Little Ballerina Dance Shoe Bags
Ballet shoe bag


A lovely little Christmas gift to take with you to every ballet class! 


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 7:

Ballet Gifts By Rachel Ellen

Discover the range of Rachel Ellen ballerina gifts at PDE Dance Supplies. A former professional ballet dancer herself, Rachel she has created some beautiful ballerina gifts for young dancers, from cute little bags to stationery, water bottles, stickers, ballerina colouring books and much more...

New for Christmas 2022: Little Ballerina Purses And Pencil Cases by Rachel Ellen!

Ballerina Pencil Case

Shop the new Rachel Ellen Ballerina Purses and Pencil Cases here!

Rachel Ellen's hand - drawn ballerina characters have become instantly recognisable and she has been awarded a number of prestigious industry awards for her designs.

When it comes to ballerina themed Christmas gifts, young girls just love the Rachel Ellen range!


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 8:

Pointe Shoe Sewing Kit

This pointe shoe sewing kit by Tendu is the perfect gift if you're shopping for someone who dances on pointe, or is about to start pointe work classes. It comes in a handy zip up bag and contains everything you need to care for your pointe shoes.

The kit has it all from darning needles and darning thread for pointe shoes to pointe shoe ribbons, scissors and much more...

The pointe shoe sewing kit by Tendu contains:

  • Darning needles (curved)
  • Sewing needles (straight)
  • Pointe shoe ribbons (2 x 1.3m lengths of ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pins
  • Thimble
  • Un-picker
  • Needle-threader
  • Roll of darning thread
  • Sewing thread

This kit would also be helpful for sewing ribbons or elastics on your flat ballet shoes or soft - blocks. 

A handy little gift to take in your dance bag wherever you go! Ideal for anyone who is already dancing on pointe or about to start pointe work classes. 


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 9:

Dance Notebooks Ballerina Colouring Book Ballerina Writing Set

Or for younger dancers: 

New Dance Gift Idea for Christmas 2022: Rachel Ellen Moon Dance Writing Set:

Ballerina writing set Rachel Ellen

Many dancers and dance teachers love to write down their ballet class notes and corrections, dance choreography notes, dance counts, show notes, lists and more...

If this sounds like the dancer in your life, then look no further! We stock a range of beautiful notebooks and pens here at PDE Dance Supplies, designed by former professional Ballerina and award winning designer, Rachel Ellen. 

Shopping for younger dance lovers?...

Take a look at the Ballerina writing set or the Rachel Ellen Ballerina colouring book, featuring fun ballet characters in a range of ballet positions. The names of the ballet positions and steps alongside the pictures make this colouring book a fun way for children learn about ballet terminology!

Notebooks are a useful dance gift - perfect for dance choreography notes, counts, lists and more... Or keep your little ballerina busy whilst they learn about ballet positions and steps with the Ballerina colouring book. 


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 10:

Dance Warm Up Boots

Dance warm up boots are perfect for keeping out the cold and protecting dancers' feet, especially in the chilly winter months. Popular with professional dancers, teachers and students, our range of warm up boots are also ideal for warming up for dance classes or walking to and from rehearsals.

Choose from the luxurious faux-fur lined Tendu warm up boots or the best-selling Bloch dance warm up boots.

Have you seen the latest edition to the Bloch warm up boots range:


Bloch Warm Up Boots With Outdoor Sole!

Available in a wide range of sizes, dance warm up boots make the perfect Christmas dance gift for male and female dancers of all ages! 


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 11:

 Ballet Bun Hair Accessories

Whatever style of dancing you do, neat and tidy hair is a must for dance classes, exams and performances...

The Tendu Ballet Bun Kit contains everything you need for the perfect ballet bun, and includes a neat little zip up bag to keep your hair accessories together.

If you're looking for hair donuts, grips, pins or hair nets we also stock a full range of hair accessories for dancers ...

Or, why not take a look at the Bloch Hair Kit For Dancers, new for Christmas 2022, including all the essential hair accessories for dance in a handy little pink tin! 

Bloch Hair Kit

An essential for every ballerina, the Tendu Ballet Bun Kit or Bloch Hair Kit would make a lovely ballet gift this Christmas!


Stocking Filler Christmas Gift For Dancers 12:

Tap Shoe Keyring

This So Dance tap shoe keyring is perfect for popping on your keychain or attaching to your dance bag.

The mini replica tap shoe comes complete with lace fastenings, and mini metal taps on the heel and toe! A satin lace fastening attaches the tap shoe to the strong metal keyring.
A great dance gift for young children who love to tap dance!  

Looking for something a little special for the dancer in your life this Christmas?...

Read on below for our best ideas for 'main presents' for dancers this year. Or why not browse our full selection of gifts for dancers


Bonus 'main present' Christmas Dance Gift Ideas: 

If you're looking for that extra special gift for the dance in your life this Christmas, you can browse our full selection of gifts for dancers, or take a look at our top 5 picks for 2022 below:   

1: Ballet Class DVDs

Ballet Class DVD for Children Ballet Barre DVD Ballet Class DVD for Adults

As featured in Dancing Times Magazine, Kimberley's Tips On Ballet Technique DVDs are the most popular dance gifts at PDE. Perfect for practising along with at home or in the studio, these DVDs are also great for ballet teachers looking for new ideas and inspiration for their own ballet classes...

Choose from the Complete Ballet Barre DVD set, the Ballet Class For Children DVD or the Ballet Class DVD For Adults 3 DVD Disc Set. You can also browse our full selection of ballet class DVDs here


2: Stretch Loop For Dancers / Dance Wobble Board

Stretch Loop For Dancers

 The Stretch Loop is a perfect gift for dancers who want to improve their flexibility, particularly in the side splits. Learn more about the stretch loop here


Wobble Board For Dancers

This high quality wooden balance board for dancers (also known as a wobble board) is an excellent tool to help dancers improve their core strength, ankle stability and more... Learn more about the wobble board for dancers here.  


3: Limited Edition Hand Made Ballet Wrap Skirts

Ballet Wrap Skirts

These limited edition ballet wrap skirts make a lovely dance gift. Handmade in Yorkshire, U.K, each skirt comes with a FREE matching bag! Why not browse our full selection of ballet skirts

4: Dance Bags

Dance Bags

5: Christmas Ballet Class Music 


When it comes to festive tunes for the ballet class, you can't beat David Plumpton's Christmas Music.

Choose from 5 fantastic festive albums, packed full of Christmas ballet music that you'll love to dance along to!




The Best Selling Christmas Dance Gifts From Last Year 

Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Or maybe you're just looking for some inspiration to help you decide on those final few presents?... Let us help you out with our list of the 8 most popular Christmas presents that our customers bought last year! 

1: Ballet Class DVDs

Ballet Class DVDs

Ballet Class DVDs were our most popular selling gift for Christmas 2021 by a long way. Hundreds of happy customers from all over the world bought DVDs for their loved ones to enjoy dancing along to whilst at home and it's easy to see why...

Packed full of tips by Royal Ballet School trained ex Professional Ballerina, Kimberley Berkin these DVDs are great for helping dancers of all ages and abilities to improve their classical ballet technique. They've also been featured in the Dancing Times Magazine! Browse all DVDs here

Don't use a DVD player? We also offer Ballet Video Downloads. Once downloaded, you can watch your ballet video immediately on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone!


2: Rachel Ellen Ballerina Gifts

Rachel Ellen's 'Little Ballerina' characters are very popular with young girls who love to dance. With her beautiful range of little 'stocking filler' sized gifts, there's so many present ideas to choose from. Here's the top 3 best selling Rachel Ellen items from last year: 

1) Ballerina Colouring Books and colouring pencils.

Ballerina Colouring


2) Dance Hair Accessory Tins

Dance Hair Accessory Tin Hair Accessories Stacking Tin Rachel Ellen
Little Ballerina Writing Set
Looking for more inspiration? Why not browse the full range of Rachel Ellen Ballerina Gifts

Who wouldn't love a new dance bag for Christmas? Perfect for carrying all your ballet warm up clothes, dance shoes, hair accessories, water bottle and more... they make a great Christmas gift! 
Our biggest selling bags last Christmas season were the limited edition Maewear Ballet Shoe Bags and they're back again for 2022, with even more designs to choose from! 
Here's a few of our best selling dance bags:
Dance Bags


 4: Ballet Warm Up ClothesBallet Warm Up Clothes

Ballet warm up clothes and dance warm ups were a popular choice for Christmas gifts last year. So this year we've added even more warm up wear to our selection! Choose from dance warm up boots by Tendu or Bloch or a full body dance warm up suit for a 'big present'. We also stock a great range of dance leg warmers - perfect for a little stocking filler!

Last year's biggest seller in our warm up range was the Outdoor Sole Warm Up Boots by Bloch



5: Dance Exercise Equipment

Dance Exercise Equipment

Dance exercise equipment was a popular choice last year when it came to Christmas dance gifts. We stock a range of equipment that dancers will love to use again and again to help improve their balance, flexibility, strength and more.

The 4 most popular choices last year were the yoga mat for dancers, the resistance bands for dancers , our selection of exercise balls for dancers and the Tendu foot roller (which makes a lovely little stocking filler!)

We've really expanded our range of exercise equipment for 2022 though, including the new Dance Exercise Equipment Bundles - superb value and a great help in improving your dance technique, balance, strength, flexibility and more... Why not take a look at the full selection here


6: Ballet Skirts

Ballet Skirts

Ballet Skirts make a great Christmas stocking sized gift. The most popular choice in 2020 were the limited edition Maewear Ballet Wrap Skirts. Selected Maewear skirts come with a FREE matching bag too, making it a lovely Christmas dance gift.


7: Dance Tights

Ballet Tights

Us dancers go through so many pairs of tights in a year, so we're always grateful to receive a couple of fresh new pairs in our Christmas stocking!

We stock a great range of dance and ballet tights at PDE - for a special gift, why not take a look at our Compression Dance Tights; they're designed to make dancers legs feel less tired after long periods of dancing!


8: Hair Accessories For Dancers 

Hair Accessories For Dancers

The 8th most popular Christmas gift for dancers last year was another lovely little stocking filler: Ballet Hair Accessories. Choose from ready made ballet bun kits in a handy little bag, pocket sized dancer's hair brushes and more for a helpful little gift that dancer in your life can use every time they head down to the studio! 

Bonus Christmas Dance Gift Idea: 

 If you’re looking for that extra special finishing touch for your Christmas Dance Gifts, you’ll love our Christmas themed musical cards and ballerina Christmas cards with some brand new designs for Christmas 2022...

Here’s a couple of our top picks from the musical cards selection: 

The Nutcracker Musical Card

The Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy Musical Card 

Musical Christmas Card For Dancers
The Night Before Christmas Musical Card

Open these music box cards to reveal a beautiful Nutcracker theatre scene, including a 3D character that magically moves around the base of the card to the musical accompaniment! Choose from a Sugar Plum Fairy ballerina design or a ‘night before Christmas’ design with Santa delivering gifts under the tree!

These 3D musical cards add a special finish to your Christmas Dance Gifts!

If you’re looking for a more traditional card, take a look at our range of ballerina Christmas cards below, brand new for 2022: 

Ballerina advent card

Ballerina Advent Card -With 24 little die cut windows for children to open as the excitement for Christmas day builds, this card is perfect for popping in the post!


Ballerina Christmas Card For Daughter
Ballerina Christmas card for grand daughter



I hope you've enjoyed reading our guide to the best Christmas Dance Gift ideas for 2022 here at PDE Dance Supplies! You can also browse our full selection of dance gifts here 

If you’re looking for small Christmas gifts for dancers, you might like to take a look at our dance gift collections sorted by price below:

- Michael Berkin. 


This guide to the top gifts for dancers was written by PDE Dance Supplies co-founder, Michael Berkin.

Michael is a Royal Ballet School trained ex professional ballet dancer who performed with Royal New Zealand Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Northern Ballet. An experienced ballet teacher, Michael has taught at some of the UK’s most prestigious ballet schools including The Royal Ballet SchoolEnglish National Ballet SchoolElmhurst Ballet SchoolNorthern Ballet Academy and more.

Michael is also a 'dance dad'. He and his wife, Kimberley have two young children of their own who love to dance and currently enjoy ballet and tap classes.


  • Michael Berkin
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