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PDE Dance Supplies offers specially selected products to help you improve your dancing alongside a great range of gifts for dancers. You'll also find a range of dancewear including RAD ballet uniform dance tights and much more at PDE...

Royal Ballet School trained ex Professional Ballet Dancers, Kimberley and Michael Berkin have been sharing their expertise and knowledge with dance students and teachers  across the U.K for many years through Professional Dance Experience Ltd. They are delighted to welcome you to PDE Dance Supplies where you will find a growing selection of dance products, knowledgeable staff and great customer service.

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Gifts For Dancers - 49 Dance Gift Ideas for Adults, Children and Students

Gifts For Dancers - 49 Dance Gift Ideas for Adults, Children and Students

Are you looking for gifts for dancers? Let us help you choose the perfect dance gift with our lists of the most popular dance gift ideas for all ages in 2022! Choose from our top 5 lists of dance gifts: 1) Our Top 6 Dance Gift Ideas For Young Girls and Boys 2) Our Top 10 Dance Gift Ideas For Dance Students 3) Our Top 10 Ballet Gift Ideas For Adult Ballet Dancers...
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Ballet Exam Tips, 10 Top Tips To Prepare For Your Ballet Exam by Kimberley Berkin

Ballet Exam Tips, 10 Top Tips To Prepare For Your Ballet Exam by Kimberley Berkin

For most students studying classical ballet, taking ballet exams is an integral part of your training. Get ready for your next ballet exam with these 10 Top Tips on Preparing For Your Ballet Exam by Kimberley Berkin. From what to pack to warming up and practising, this blog is an essential read before your ballet exam.
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5 Points for Pointe Shoes - Dance Blog by Kimberley Berkin

5 Points for Pointe Shoes - Dance Blog by Kimberley Berkin

There are a number of different things that I would like to share with you when it comes to starting on pointe, from what accessories you really need to looking after your pointe shoes in between classes and more. These 5 Points for Pointe Shoes will be informative for any student already dancing on pointe and for students who are about to start on pointe too…

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Choosing a Leotard for Dance by Kimberley Berkin, PDE Dance Supplies Dance Blog

Choosing a Leotard for Dance by Kimberley Berkin, PDE Dance Supplies Dance Blog

When it comes to choosing a leotard there are a number of things that you should be thinking about. With so much choice on offer it can sometimes be difficult to decide which stylecolour or material to go for...

... The style of the leotard should accentuate your features and body shape but at the same time be practical and comfortable to dance in. Start by deciding on the neck line and straps of the leotard...

  • Kimberley Berkin

What Can We Help You With?

Welcome to the PDE Dance Supplies online dance shop by Professional Dance Experience. We have been professional ballet dancers ourselves and since setting up Professional Dance Experience in 2009 we have worked with hundreds of dance schools and taught thousands of dance students of all ages and abilities. We feel very fortunate to have built strong relationships with dance teachers from all across the U.K and since our own children started dancing, we know what it’s like for the dance mums and dads too!

So what can we help you with?...


Free Ballet Videos

Here at the PDE Dance Supplies online dance shop, we love sharing our knowledge and expertise gained from many years in the world of dance. Alongside our range of dance products, you will find a number of helpful ballet videos that you can watch for free, from how to make a ballet bun, to our Free Ballet Video Of The Month to dance product demonstration videos and more...


Gifts For Dancers

If you're looking for gifts for dancers then we have categorized many of our dance gifts into priced collections. So whether you're shopping for christmas gifts for dancers, ballet gifts or good luck gifts, you'll find it quick and easy to browse through our range of gorgeous dance gifts for all budgets. 

Choose from:

If you're stuck for ideas on dance or ballet themed gifts, we've also created some great guides for you, packed full of dance gift ideas and ballet gift ideas.



We are confident that you will find what you are looking for at pdedancesupplies.com, whether you are choosing that extra special leotard, shopping for dance gifts, or deciding on dance exercise equipment to supplement your dance training. We also stock essentials such as dance tights, dancewear and more.

Here in our online dance shop, the dancewear and activewear is stylish, comfortable and loved by many students and professional ballet dancers. We have a great range of black and colourful leotards in modern and classic designs featuring lace, velour, microfibre materials and more. We aim to stock a wide range of sizes to ensure that all dancers can choose the leotard they feel most comfortable wearing and look great in too. If you want a size that you can’t find, please do give us a call and we’ll be happy to help source the right size and style for you.


Ballet Class DVDs

We welcome adult beginner ballet students to our online dance shop - you will enjoy our Tips On Ballet Technique ballet video downloads, a number of which you can watch for free on this website.

We also offer our Ballet Class DVDs by Tips On Ballet Technique (as featured in the December 2017 issue of the Dancing Times magazine!):

The Complete Ballet Barre 3 DVD Disc set is a fantastic resource for students aged 8 to adult and is also popular with ballet teachers...

If you are an Adult Ballet Dancer, you can follow along with Kimberley's inspiring ballet classes in the Ballet Class For Adults Beginner Level 3 DVD Disc Set. 

For girls and boys aged 4 to 7 who love to dance, the Ballet Class For Children DVD would make the perfect ballet gift.

Perhaps, like us, your little boy has shown an interest in ballet? We offer a range of dancewear and ballet shoes specifically for boys that he will feel confident and comfortable in. Or if you have a little ballerina in the family, we also have dancewear and ballet shoes for girls.


We have had the pleasure of working alongside many dancers, teachers, choreographers and musicians over the years including the internationally acclaimed dance pianist, David Plumpton. Here at PDE Dance Supplies you will find the full range of David Plumpton CDs including his music for ballet and tap classes. David Plumpton’s CDs are the number one choice for many dance teachers across the world who are looking for non syllabus music that brings energy and inspiration to their ballet and tap classes. David’s CDs are also also excellent for dance students wanting to practice at home. We are delighted to stock all of David Plumpton’s CDs so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to music for your ballet and tap classes.


We take pride in offering excellent customer service and will be more than happy to help you in any way we can. Please do get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!


Kimberley and Michael Berkin

Founders of the PDE Dance Supplies online dance shop.